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Best Hotel and Restaurant in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Best Hotel and Restaurant in Dar Es Salaam
27 Nov

Best Hotel and Restaurant in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

If you are looking for a luxurious and comfortable stay in Dar Es Salaam then Euro Hotel is the place to be. Euro Hotel is the best hotel and restaurant in Dar Es Salaam. Apart from Euro Hotel being one of the affordable hotels in Dar Es Salaam, the interior design of the hotel is designed in such a way that will make our guests will feel right at home. The hotel has spacious rooms, restaurant and bar, Euro café and conference room all designed to meet your needs.

With the Euro Hotel being an economical hotel in Dar Es Salaam, our rooms come in different packages to make sure everyone can have a stay in our hotel. Our trained staffs are always available and willing to assist you in any way. With many options created for you, there’s no way you will not be able to book the best hotel in Dar Es Salaam. Here are our packages.

  • The deluxe room includes a bed, WIFI, cable television, and room service.
  • Deluxe room 1which includes bed, breakfast, WIFI and cable television.
  • Deluxe room 2 which includes a bed, breakfast lunch or dinner and WIFI.
  • Deluxe room 3 which includes bed, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and WIFI.

Apart from rooms, we also have apartments in case you want more space. The apartments are fully furnished to ensure your stay in the apartment is comfortable and enjoyable. With a beautiful view of the city, you are going to enjoy your stay. Apartments come with a bed, breakfast, lunch, dinner, cable television, free transport for pick up and drop off, WIFI, room service, and soft drink.

There are many hotels in Dar Es Salaam which can sometimes make it difficult for you to choose a hotel but when you choose the Euro Hotel, you will not regret your stay. Our restaurant is filled with international cuisine from India and China. Our meals are made by chefs whose aim is to make sure you have an exquisite meal. Our kitchen is open 24/7 to make sure we can cater to you at any given time. In case you are worried about your figure or you are on a diet and don’t want to ruin it, we have special diet menus just for you plus we also have fruits. If you have a sweet tooth, we have got you covered as well. We have chocolates and cookies as well. We have done everything to make sure your stay at Euro Hotel is a wonderful experience.

If you are planning to stay with your family and you have children, we have meals for them. We consider everyone, even children. There is also an indoor play area for children so you do not have to worry where your children are going to play.

There’s also a spot for those who like the nightlife, the bar. Our modern and contemporary bar has a wide range of drinks. For those who are into nothing but cocktails, our bar should be your destination here in Dar Es Salaam. Apart from cocktails, we also have liquor and wine. Don’t know where to go after a long day at work? Visit our bar and unwind with a drink of your choice in a calm and elegant environment.

It is rare to find cheap hotels in Dar Es Salaam with good and trusted services such as Euro Hotel. In addition to everything, we have a café on the rooftop which will give you a beautiful view of the city. The rooftop café entails a wide range of international cocktails and Arabian dishes. It is a good place for quality time with your loved one.

We also have space for your business and events as well with our conference room. Our conference room is spacious and can accommodate up to 100 guests. The décor of the conference will depend on the nature of your event or function. You will tell us what you want and we will make it a reality. Your guests will be provided with the best food from our caterers, drinks, and accommodation if necessary.

Newlyweds or soon to be married couples, if you are have been searching for cheap hotels in Dar Es Salaam with bridal suites then you have found the hotel. Our bridal suites are spacious with modern and comfortable furniture designed to make the bride and groom start their marriage the right way.

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